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Allison Beller

& James Wood

December 27, 2020

the marriage of

We Couldn’t Wait! 


2020 was a year full of surprise, compromise, and memorable experiences... Our wedding was no exception. Allison and I were engaged in August and wanted to get married on our schedule, rather than waiting to see when the pandemic would allow. The original plan was a small Chicago wedding, presided over by Dad and attended by immediate family... in keeping with the year, our 2020 wedding didn't go forward as planned. By mid-November, COVID had made even intimate events and careful travel too dangerous to risk; and so we moved to a new plan: a small, local, outdoor ceremony.


As it turns out, planning an outdoor wedding in Seattle can be challenging! But after significant research on snowpack, precipitation at elevation and many reconnaissance snowshoe trips, we found our venue: Lanham Lake, a beautiful valley lake nestled along the snow capped peaks just east of Seattle.


On December 27th, our alarms went off at 5:30AM and we drove into the Cascade mountains. The conditions were perfect: cold and still, bright skies but little sun, and light snowfall. We met nine of our closest friends and family, and hiked through snow covered old growth forest up to our alpine cathedral. 


Allison touched up her make-up in a hand mirror hanging from a Douglas Fir, and laced up her hiking boots under many layers of ivory tulle. Sporting a winter velvet jacket adorned with a cedar boutonniere (made by the bride herself!), I waited at the end of the aisle. Allison walked across the frozen lake to join me, serenaded by Pachelbel's Canon on the violin. We shared our personal statements, our ‘I do’s”, and a kiss to solidify our marriage.


After the ceremony, we celebrated with red velvet cupcakes and hot toddies around a campfire in the woods. Not to be deterred by the conditions, we shoveled snow from the lake to clear a space for our first dance: a choreographed swing dance rendition of Michael Buble’s remake of “Such a Night”... a number we had been practicing for months in the park across from our apartment. As we clamored down the mountain, just before night took away our footpath, we felt the day was nearly perfect. 


Your absence was greatly noticed and missed on this day. Weddings are rare occasions where people from all moments of one’s life come together in celebration. Given the circumstances, we weren’t able to have that, BUT, know that we do hope (and are planning!) for future celebrations and parties. In the meantime, enjoy these moments from our Wedding day.



What we're up to now...
What we're up to now

We decided to spend the winter in the small town of Livingston, Montana. Following that temporary stay, we will be moving back to Seattle in June, where we will begin settling into a new home to welcome a little baby girl to our family in October. We are excited to introduce you to her in the years to come.

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