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Data Studio is the tool that first introduced me to the joys of data visualization. It is an extremely versatile, powerful, and free tool provided by Google. I have used it in the context of business, marketing and SEO, and trend tracking. These dashboard elements are easily embedded as an iframe making them useful in a wide range of contexts.

Operations & Management Dashboards

This project involved an integration with Harvest time tracking data. Because of the wide range of data available through the software, I was able to create many visuals looking at employee productivity, pacing of billable hours, project allocation, and assessment into the profitability of business activities. This project also involved a significant amount of data structuring through Google Sheet which housed the API data.

COVID Tracker Website

COVID Tracker

At the beginning of COVID lockdown I decided to begin building a website using Data Studio and Google Sites (available here↗) that tracked the spread of COVID cases. This website was also used to experiment with embedding GDS iframes around text content, which allowed more context and interactions to be added around the data visualization. 

SEO Dashboard

SEO Dashboard

This dashboard was built to monitor and understand the web traffic of an educational institution. A design challenge for this dashboard was to produce a UI that resembled the aesthetic of the school website. My goal here was to provide a wide range of ways for the user to interact with the analytics data to reach a broad range of conclusions.

Business Intranet

Business Intranet

These dashboards provided comprehensive information about business activities, including revenue, expenses, employee performance, website traffic, and vendor costs. I designed these visualizations for an executive team to review and monitor their company performance, and easily interact with and manipulate the data available to them.

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